March 08, 2004

A note on a movie

Just to let you out there know, I saw "Starsky and Hutch" last weekend, and I shoulda brought boots for that steaming pile. A 70'sploitation movie made 10 years too late.

And why do women think Owen Wilson is so damn hot? Dude's got more of a broken nose than Rocky at the end of the 1st one (Apollo wrecked that shit!). At first, I thought women were just mistaking Owen for Luke, since he's the one with the chisel-jaw look. Y'never know with Women. Shows you how much I know.

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March 07, 2004


Man, I've gotta make this site something more than a default blog. I'll do what I can, but my creative skills are severely stunted. Feedback would be nice. I'll be teaching myself javascript in the time being. Any helpful suggestions on where/how to learn this stuff would be great.

So, fancy-schmancy 706 Sunday Brunch today. It was somewhere between formal and informal. Brunch with the Es's friends. Felt kinda 'blah'.

Just got back from a bike ride on the "rail-to-trail". Nice day out. Time for Brisket a la E.

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March 06, 2004

The Trouble With Glickmans

Three restaurants later, wallet issues, beers, huddle, hardcore Porum, and a furious woman...

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